Our Standards

Unfortunately, the beauty industry is still loosely regulated, and it's not always clear which brands you can trust. Botanix Bar is an online source for trustworthy, certified, clean beauty products. We curate our products with the help of third-party certifications to guarantee we're providing you with products that have been individually certified and uphold our high standards of quality, safe ingredients, and performance -what you put in and on your body matters. Don't want to have to research every ingredient on your beauty product labels? Using third-party certifications means you don't have to.

The third-party certifications we rely on are MADE SAFE® and EWG VERIFIED™.

Made Safe®


Our Commitment

Certified clean beauty

100% CLEAN

Made with only the safest ingredients, our products are what clean beauty means.

Certified clean beauty | EWG Verified


We rely on third-party certification for the highest quality and standards.

EWG Verified | Affordable clean skincare


We strongly believe that what you put on your skin matters.